CAPS! luxury
chocolate gifts

Nordic berries, candied fruits, selected nuts, sweet cream - all natural ingredient truffle covered in Belgian chocolate.

CAPS! will be proud to strengthen your brand values by offering our business gifts.

Just as companies have their brand identity in graphics, CAPS! helps to communicate the essence of your brand through our chocolate and build long term relationships with your customers and most loyal partners. 

We are experts in making premium chocolate sweets, and also in customisation of your premium gift to clients, family or friends. 

By choosing CAPS! you will make a lasting impression - gift for your business partner or clients, special "thank you" for being together and celebrating your dearest moment or simply show you affection with sympathy gift set. We believe it’s important how we do it, how we affect other people and how it makes them feel.    

How it works - we'll select a luxurious Belgian truffle set in your chosen box, make a custom packaging - printed greeting or business card, tie a matched ribbon in perfect bow, and at the end deliver it to you.


You might be curious if there is a minimum quantity? No, we don’t have the minimum quantity

And it doesn’t matter how big or small company you are unless you need a very special & delicious chocolate gift form CAPS! We'll be truly honoured to assist you.

Please see detailed info bellow, or just contact us: +371 22009971, e-mail: ilze(at)

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