Inspired by unexpectedly discovered friendships we created CAPS! collection of 16 milk and white chocolates. The sweet selection includes a variety of exceptional flavors such as rhubarb-peppermint, cranberry, blackcurrant, almond-cinnamon, coffee, strawberry, gooseberry-clove and rowan berry. Sure to excite any chocolate lover, this charming box might just be too good to give away.

Milk & White Chocolate Collection, 16pcs

SKU: TC262
    • Net weight: 190g
    • Flavors: cranberry (2pc), blackcurrant (2pcs), rhubarb-peppermint (2pc), rowan berry (2pc), strawberry (2pc), gooseberry-clove (2pc), almond-cinnamon (2pc), coffee (2pc)
    • Contains cow milk
    • Real fruits and berries
    • Contains natural sugar from candied berries and fruits
    • No artificial additives
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • 100% hand crafted
    • Proudly made in Latvia
    • Do not store above 22ºC


    For Allergens: see ingredients listed in bold.

    Ingredients: milk chocolate (cacao content 35%), white chocolate (cacao content 28%), chocolate (cacao content 55%), sugar, cacao butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier - soya lecithin, flavouring – vanilla; double cream, candied rhubarbs (3,7%), candied strawberries (3,6%), candied cranberries (3,3%), candied gooseberries (3,2%), candied blackcurrant (3,2%), almonds (2,9%), candied rowanberries (2,6%), coffee, dried peppermint, rosemary oil, cinnamon, cloves, coffee bean.