We offer chocolate bar decorating and round truffle tempering (covering) masterclasses. They're suitable for different occasions - pre-wedding party, hands in photo shooting, casual business team event - double date or bunch of friends, colleagues. Our Caps! House of chocolate is extra suited for chocolate shaping and decorating, but we also offer "drive out" at your place.

Caps! Chocolate founder Ilze, grand master of the chocolate, will lead the masterclass and she fluently speaks latvian, english, russian and will be happy to share with you all secrets of chocolate

As we own our Pâtisserie - Caps! house of chocolate-, we offer made to order cakes, butter croissants plain or filled, sweet or salty tarts, pies, - and with our partners - all kinds of food you can imagine.  Let's make your event delicious and very unique!

Each hands in masterclass includes:

  • Aromatic tea, Illy coffee, water,

  • CAPS! chocolate truffle tasting,

  • Interesting facts and useful tips for the best chocolate result,

  • 10% discount for all CAPS! sweets at the day of the event,

  • Everything you made is yours

Give us a call for details: +371 22009971 or send an e-mail: ilze(at) 

Address: CAPS! house of chocolate, Jauna Teika, TEODORS building, Gustava Zemgala gatve 74/1, Riga

p.s. sorry, the site is under translation! the full eng. text will be available soon. 


Painting with chocolate

The bar of chocolate is your canvas, warm white and dark chocolate is your paint - take the brushes, put on your artist mood. Mix the media and use the candied berries, nuts, seeds and sprinkles for the best your dream matching decoration. 

Approx: 1hour,
Costs: 17 eur/ pers (tax included)

Person: 2-20

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Deep in chocolate

Fruit/ berry/ nut truffles are here for you to cover in dark, milk and white chocolate coating. The truffle filling is rolled in ball by professionals extra for you, it's so easy - take it , dip it, sprinkle it!

Also you will paint the chocolate bar with fluid dark or white chocolate, sprinkle it with candied berries, nuts and seeds.  

Approx: 1,5 hour

Costs: 25,00 eur/ pers (tax included)

Person: 2-20 


A duet of chocolate & coffee

For duet lovers and enthusiasts - please be welcome on a ferry of story how coffee and chocolate beans met each-other in our Caps! House of chocolate from different parts of the whole world!

Bean to chocolate bar & bean to cup of coffee.

Coffee aroma laboratory and the signs of quality.

Coffee making in different ways.

Fruit/ berry/ nut truffles coating in dark, milk and white chocolate. Sprinkles for your colour mood. 

Approx: 2 hour

Costs: 45,00 eur/ pers (tax included)

Person: 2-20 


We all together in chocolate 

This is for being together, taking your time, and making your special families chocolate collection. The family set includes chocolate bar for each to paint it with fluid chocolate (dark, milk, white) and decorate with candied berries, nuts ands seeds, sprinkles, marshmallows, as well as one box of 20pc. truffles - rolled in ball by professionals for you to cover it with chocolate (dark, milk, white) and decorate. 

Approx: 1,5hour,
Costs: 45 eur/ family (3 pers.) + 10 eur each person 

Person: 3-20


Kids go sweet & happy

The first time ever for you is allowed to play with your food - yeah! 

Grab a bar and brushes, choose you chocolate "paint" and make your masterpiece. Then decorate with marshmallows, sprinkles, candied berries, nuts, seeds - the choice is yours. Chocolate is fun especially shared with friends!

Perfect choice for kids birthday - and parents are welcome too.  

Approx: 1 hour,
Costs: 15 eur person 
(tax included)

Person: 2-25


Ready to get married

Chocolate is about love, and love is so sweet. Make a special day for your best friend - bride to be - full of sweet surprises and emotional moments. 

We offer special closed eye truffle tasting for bride to be, chocolate bar panting and decorating for each attendee as well as one 20 pc. truffle collection for bride to be - made by all bridesmaids. It's all for remembering craziest friendships and feeling the moment before your biggest day!

Approx: 1 hour,
Costs: 25 eur person 
(tax included)

Person: 5-20

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